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Licensed National Tourist Guide | Proprietor | Naturalist | Tour Leader

I am currently working as a Freelance National Tourist Guide for English Speaking Clients. A Passionate Traveller; Wildlife Enthusiast and an Environmental Conservationist.

A graduate from University of Colombo, holding a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and Environment Sciences under the Department of Zoology and Environmental Science. I worked as an Executive at the ‘Wildlife and Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka'(Est. 1894) which is Sri Lanka’s oldest and world’s third oldest Non-Governmental Organization of its kind. I have started working as a Naturalist since 2019 and at the beginning, I worked in an Eco Tourism Company called ‘Back of Beyond Sri Lanka’ which has 6 properties around the country. 


As soon as I graduated from the University of Colombo with my Bachelor of Science degree, I took this decision to move out from the city and work in the jungles of Sri Lanka. So I took the opportunity which was waving at me by that time, as a Naturalist, what a position to start the career as a person who loves wildlife and of-course the natural world. Self learning is supported very much and meeting new people from all around the world who are interested in Nature and Heritage fueled me to love my job day by day.

My guiding career started along with the time that I worked in Sigiriya as a Naturalist. One day this one guest, she was solo travelling around the island which I met during one of our activities and said to me, ‘Ashan, why don’t you start your own thing!’. This discussion got registered in my head and from then onwards whenever I get some free time I keep dreaming and planning to be a person like that.

Then after COVID, I saw this opportunity, that of SLITHM (Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management), calling for applications for a new intake of National Tourist Guides. As soon as I saw that paper advertisement, I decided to resign from my job at that time ‘happily’ and applied as it was full-time coursework for 6 months. 

After a successful learning period, I managed to obtain my license under the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority(SLTDA) as an English Speaking, National Tourist Guide.

Then as soon as I received my license, I managed to register my travel agency, ‘EXPERIENTIAL TRAVELLER’ as a single owned company in order to provide travel & tourism related services for my clients.


Tailor Made, Sustainable & Ethical, Slow Pace, Conscious Travel

We always give priority to achieve our client’s expectations which we do through ‘Tailor Made’ tour packages.

Almost all the activities we do throughout the tour are in accordance with our ‘Sustainability Policy’ which is mentioned below.


‘Sustainable’ and ‘Responsible OR Ethical’ tourism is a core principle to ‘Experiential Traveller’, as such we strive to make a positive impact wherever we travel. We believe that travel and tourism can protect natural habitats and the environment while improving livelihoods through the economic opportunities created. Therefore we are dedicated towards:

  • Designing our trips in a way that limits the physical impact on our planet and the places we visit.

(We can calculate your Carbon Footprint during the holiday and according to your preference, we can make sure to do the arrangements to cover that carbon footprint by planting a tree and let it accumulate carbon while its growth which we can keep a record) 

  • Ensuring we’re consistently working towards protecting the environment and using resources in an efficient, fair and responsible way.
  • Reducing our use of disposable and consumer goods and recycling waste, whenever possible.
  • Using resources such as water and electricity in a non-wasteful manner.
  • Implementing sustainable purchasing practices.
  • Working with others who share a similar sustainable mind-set.
  • Working with people in local communities so as to share the economic gains of tourism with them.
  • Encouraging our partners and employees to think and work in a sustainable and responsible manner.
  • Respecting our surroundings wherever we travel.
  • Ensuring that all our employees/partners/service providers are treated with respect and remunerated fairly.
  • Ensuring that our growth is sustainable and the gains are distributed in a manner which is beneficial to the company and other key stakeholders.

We promote ‘Slow Pace’ travel in our tours to give more time to the traveller to experience our country; culture; heritage; wildlife; rituals and wilderness. In order to achieve that we give more options in selecting activities from our wide range of magical experiences in each region of the island.

By achieving all these practices we make sure to organize our tours in a ‘Conscious’ mind and showcase consciousness to the surrounding world.

Personalized or Tailor made Tours

We specialize in creating tailor-made wildlife & heritage tours.

Expert Local Knowledge

We offer proper interpretations through well experienced tourist guides.

Reliable Travel Partnerships

Most reliable transportation methods will be arranged for your tour.

Conscious | Ethical | Responsible

We try our best to keep our footprint minimal as possible during the tour and follow more ethical practices.


We are a small scale travel agent in Sri Lanka and we are so proud of it. Because we say so, even though we are small-we are with a big heart to our environment-both natural and human aspects. We like to be small and simple in the future too. Because we do believe that we can keep our footprint as low as possible and provide excellent quality service to our travellers from all around the world. It is not only the environment, but it is also the community(social) and economy. This consciousness provides us with a sustainable business.

Handpicked Destinations

Our strict screening process means you’re only seeing the best quality treks.

Best Price Guaranteed

Our Best Price Guarantee means that you can be sure of booking at the best rate.

Excellent Cutomer Service

Our customer are standing by to make your experience incredible.



​We have been awarded as the Winner of ‘Youth Travel and Hospitality Award’ for the year 2023 at ‘4th New Generation Awards Ceremony 2023’ held ​in 03rd of October​ 2023 at Galle Face Hotel, Colombo.
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